Arnold Forced to Play Defense – For Good Reason

Novato’s struggling District 5 Supervisor is up for re-election and is desperately trying to evade charges by her astute challenger Toni Shroyer that Arnold has shirked her duty to assertively speak up for Novato’s residents.


Under Arnold, Novato families have suffered from new taxes that are expanding at twice the rate of the increases in their paycheck. Novato residents are losing ground financially.


For them, the pain is real. Supervisor Arnold has significantly contributed to Novato residents falling behind or being barely able to keep up and maintain their existing lifestyle. She has folded and failed Novato.


Arnold has consistently endorsed every tax increase proposed. She has backed all City, County and State tax and fee hikes by either complicit silence or open endorsement as she did with the unpopular and massively defeated bogus “flood control tax” Measure E that would have double-taxed Novato homeowners.


During the time that Arnold has been District 5 Supervisor, the average household income in Novato has declined. At the same time, the City of San Rafael’s average income has increased.

Adding to Arnold’s ever deepening political troubles are accusations that she, by not condemning a vicious and offensive last-minute hit piece video during her last election, essentially endorsed it. It is a hateful, factually untrue, and defamatory YouTube video attacking Shroyer’s family, including her young children.


The last-minute attack video that surfaced at the end of her last re-election campaign has become a defining moment in the public’s perception of Arnold’s lack of character. Even today, if you enter “Toni Shroyer” on Google, this despicable video is at the top of the search results.


Intriguingly, this attack video features Arnold’s close political ally, the controversial ex-Novato City Manager Michael Frank, who abruptly resigned when faced with public revelations of over his questionable below-the-surface political schemes in Novato.


Arnold could and should have quickly condemned such cruel campaign trash that publicly hurt Shroyer’s innocent children. But she did not. A prompt public denunciation of such campaign manure could have been viewed as a positive for her in the closing days of her campaign. Instead, Arnold chose to say nothing. For almost four years Arnold has remained silent, undeniably implying a personal approval of such abhorrent campaign tactics.


Arnold’s lack of empathy for the damage this type ofvideo could do to Shroyer’s young children is unforgivable. As long as the outrageous and false video remained at the top of the search engine list and was to Arnold’s perceived political benefit, she took no action to denounce it despite its continuing damage to Shroyer’s innocent children.


The video’s footnotes directly assault Toni Shroyer’s family alluding to a completely fallacious allegation among other total falsehoods that “A psych evaluation of Shroyer made during daughter’s adoption process reveals clinical depression and antidepressant use dating back to 1992 (California State Adoption Records)”.


None of this ever happened and Shroyer’s children are biologically her own and not adopted, but even if they were, what kind of sick person publishes this garbage which has the consequence of hurting children who now ask if they were adopted. Arnold approves of this?


The footnotes also attack Shroyer, a minister’s daughter, as being racist and also ridiculously accuses her of attacking the elderly. Toni Shroyer’s family is racially mixed, and she cares for her elderly mother almost all day every day while she works.


Michael Frank is Arnold’s prized political tool. The then recently resigned out-of-work Frank was taken care of by Arnold who saw to his appointment as Executive Director of the County’s Marin General Services Authority with its plush salary. Frank returned the favor by issuing a public declaration during Arnold’s re-election campaign that was incorporated in the last-minute attack video featuring his pretentious well-orchestrated faux-surprise regarding a Shroyer mailer.


Like Arnold, Michael Frank has never condemned the use of his comments and images in this vicious video.


Arnold barely came out ahead (by only 251 votes) in her last campaign against Shroyer. Many voters in Novato are now increasingly aware of Shroyer’s fresh perspective, healthy energy, honesty, and being someone who reflects the values of the Novato community, and who will stand up and forcefully represent Novato’s best interest while confronting Marin County’s deep state “business as usual to our financial benefit” re-election machine.


Shroyer has fresh ideas while Arnold contentedly takes credit for doing nothing but kicking the can of financial accountability down the road. Arnold’s only “solution” has been to again and again raise taxes on Novato’s monetary punching bag, i.e. its middle and below middle class families.


Arnold promotes the myth of happy middle class family living in Novato. The reality is that Novato’s middle class families are increasingly financially stressed as tax/fee increases rise twice as fast as family income.


Firm evidence of Arnold’s estrangement from the community she is supposed to represent was the recent resounding defeat of the proposed Measure E parcel tax increase that she enthusiastically supported. It lost by a margin of 2 to 1 proving just how out of touch Arnold is with the day to day reality of living in Novato.


Arnold appears stale and cynical compared with the more dynamic and up beat Shroyer.


Arnold has all the campaign money she can spend, abundantly supplied by out-of-district organizations that benefit from her financial largess as a pay-back “can be bought” County Supervisor.


Arnold is apparently so flush with out-of-district campaign cash she has wood-framed her large and professionally erected campaign posters.  Really? Framed campaign signs in Novato? Who is she kidding?


It’s time for fresh new ideas and true representation for Novato in the County Supervisors Chamber. Arnold is barely hanging on and appears tired when new energy is required. Shroyer, with her young family, more accurately reflects today ‘s Novato families and their concerns.


Shroyer is continually pro-actively involved in her community. She is on foot in the neighborhoods ringing doorbells directly making her case to voters and asking for their feedback. Arnold’s professionally staged “community engagement” events, out of district campaign foot soldiers, and slavish political appointee supporters are not Shroyer’s style.


When was the last time Judy Arnold attended a high school baseball game? Who is more in tune with life in Novato? That’s easy to answer. It’s Toni Shroyer.



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