Elect Jim Petray as District 1’s Independent Councilmember – Stop Outside County Politicians from Controlling District 1

The choice is easy for District 1 voters; Vote for Jim Petray and elect a truly independent Councilmember for District 1.

Jim Petray is an outstanding and extraordinarily well-qualified individual offering to serve his local community and represent it as an independent voice on the City Council. His exceptional personal and professional credentials will serve his community exceptionally well and are far superior to the lesser option.

In a recent Novato Advance article, Wernick said finances are the No 1 issue facing the city of Novato. Yet, she is by far the least qualified candidate to address these issues. She is in way over her head when faced with simple or complicated City financial problems as she has no expertise, professional experience, or academic preparation other than a recently disclosed unspecified AA from the College of Marin. The Council needs expertise and competence – not more uninformed incompetence and political posturing.

Jim Petray is eminently qualified academically (Santa Clara University – accounting), as a long practicing Certified Public Accountant (CPA), as a Partner in the largest Bay Area-based financial consulting and services firm, and has the necessary skill set to comprehend and assess the complex financial challenges facing the City. District 1 is very fortunate to have a candidate who can truly represent them and their needs.

Candidate Jim Petray has been a consistent contributor to his community without needing to seek public recognition for his contributions. He is old school in that he offers to serve his community based upon his sense of civic duty and past record of community involvement with families. He does not seek endorsements as public advertising of his dedication to serving his community. From his perspective it is the right thing to do. In addition to his tremendous experience, he possesses a strong sense of ethics.

Jim Petray’s approach to serving the community contrasts markedly with Wernick’s methodology of seeking special interest group funding and sought-after pompous endorsements, most of which are supplied by out-of-district political groupies.

His opponent Wernick makes no attempt to hide her subservience and absolute loyalty to County Supervisor Judy Arnold, Paul Cohen Chair of the Marin Democrat political machine, and the Novato Chamber of Commerce’s political action committee. Make no mistake – her allegiance is to the County politicians and special interests who finance her campaign.

If Wernick is elected, District 1 will lose its independent voice and become a Ward of the County machine and the Novato Chamber of Commerce. Once in control, these two outside-of-District-1 political power brokers will throw all of the might of the County political machine’s huge campaign funds and the Novato Chamber of Commerce’s Political Action Committee’s special interest donors towards intimidating any future potential “unendorsed” District 1 candidates. They want political control of Novato’s Districts and are determined to make that happen whatever the cost.

If County Supervisor Arnold and her fellow conspirators’ candidate Wernick wins, Novato will definitely see new sales taxes, new and higher fee increases, reduced City services, and continued sale of City real estate assets to temporarily balance the City’s operating budget deficit.

The same people who now endorse Wernick are the same groups who endorsed Councilmembers Lucan, Athas, and Fryday who praised the City Senior administration and gave the City Manager the maximum allowable raise in compensation and benefits months before they were disgraced and sent packing. All three Councilmembers were endorsed by Paul Cohen’s County political machine, Novato’s County Supervisor Judy Arnold, and the Novato Chamber of Commerce.

These endorsements and campaign donations all come with strings attached which are tied to out-of-district priorities and special interests’ expectations of special consideration and favors. District 1’s residents’ priorities and preferences take a complete backseat.

Wernick is not a consensus builder. She enthusiastically and disappointedly contributed to the recent polarization of the City Council by being a very public and passionate supporter of the campaign to quash the efforts of Councilmembers Pam Drew and Pat Eklund who pressed the Chamber/Arnold endorsed Councilmember majority of Lucan, Athas, and Fryday to investigate the looming City Hall scandal.

Wernick was 100% wrong by repeatedly and publicly denying there were problems within City Hall. She publicly backed and defended the recently booted City Manager and senior staff who were also sent packing – a major embarrassment for the City of Novato and for Wernick. Where is the accountability? Where is the competency and protection of Novato residents?

If District 1 voters want to have any serious input to City Council policy decisions and would like someone who is competent and has a high level of integrity, then vote for Jim Petray.

Vote Jim Petray on to the City Council. District 1 deserves the best!





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