Elect Marie Hoch as District 5’s Independent Councilmember – Stop Outside County Politicians from Controlling District 5 

Marie Hoch is the only independent neighborhood candidate for District 5.

Do not lose your voice by surrendering neighborhood control to a political stand-in (Peele) for County Supervisor Judy Arnold and what she and the County political establishment think is “best” for District 5 residents.

By her own admission, Peele did not decide on her own to enter the contest. She admits she was “convinced” by Arnold along with other County Democrat machine politicians looking for a “house” candidate to enter the race. No way can Peele be viewed as an independent candidate under such circumstances. A vote for Peele is a vote for her outside special interest backers and County politicians’ control of District 5.

While Peele has been only recently hobnobbing and tail wagging at the county level with her “endorsers”, Marie Hoch has been engaged daily at the community level for more than 15 years and currently serves as the president of the Hamilton Field Homeowners Association.

Marie Hoch comes to the City Council already up to speed on District 5’s current pressing issues. Marie Hoch knows what is going on in City Hall today and what needs to be done and how. Peele would require substantial time to acquaint herself with District 5’s immediate concerns and with the present unsettled situation in City Hall and is still “learning” the issues from her County backer’s perspectives and viewpoints.

Marie Hoch has been engaged with other Districts in Novato because of her real estate work and is “on the ground” familiar with fundamental issues in those neighborhoods. Peele will be expected by those funding her campaign donors to first view issues through a county level lens – not from the viewpoint of the local residents living in the district. She is simply a political tool for county politicians.

Peele’s political sponsors are County Supervisor Judy Arnold, Paul Cohen’s County political machine and the Novato Chamber of Commerce – none of whom are from District 5 neighborhoods. For example, this group wants the financially strapped City of Novato to give the Novato Theater a 3 million dollar “loan” even after the theater backers defaulted on a previous $200,000 City loan. Where’s the money from the recent sale of Hamilton assets that could be used for the Hamilton Theater?

The choice is simple for District 5 voters. Vote for Marie Hoch and elect a truly independent Councilmember for District 5. Or, vote for Peele who makes no attempt to hide her allegiance and obedience to County Supervisor Judy Arnold, Paul Cohen’s County political machine, and the Novato Chamber of Commerce.

If Peele is elected, District 5 will lose its independent voice and become a Ward of the County machine and the Novato Chamber of Commerce. Once in control, these two outside of-District 5 political power brokers will throw all of the might of the County political machine’s huge campaign funds and the Novato Chamber of Commerce’s Political Action Committee’s special interest donors towards intimidating any future potential “unendorsed” District 5 candidates. They want political control of Novato’s Districts and are determined to make that happen whatever the cost.

If Arnold and her fellow political cons win, Novato will definitely see new sales taxes, new and higher fee increases, reduced City services, and sales of City real estate to balance the City’s operating budget. Their answer to Novato’s financial problems is to raise taxes until the problem goes away – no mention of reducing unnecessary expenses or looking for increases in efficiency.

The same people who now endorse Peele are the same people who endorsed Councilmembers Lucan, Athas, and Fryday who gave the City Manager the maximum raise in compensation and praised the City Senior administrators only a few months before they were disgraced and sent packing. All three were endorsed by the County political machine, County Supervisor Judy Arnold, and the Novato Chamber of Commerce. If you want more of the recent embarrassing and expensive problems, vote for Peele who is funded by these three power brokers and special interest groups.

In simple terms, a vote for independent candidate Marie Hoch is a vote for District 5 residents having the deciding input on issues facing their community. Don’t vote for outsider funded placeholder Peele and have outside political power brokers control your district.

Marie Hoch is a member of the community offering to serve her community and represent it as an independent voice on the City Council. Peele is definitely not an independent with her deep ties to outsider campaign fund contributors and out-of-district endorsers. They expect to get something for their money and always do.

Show Novato that District 5 is not for sale. Vote Marie Hoch on to the City Council







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