Marie Hoch – Hamilton’s Independent Candidate Deserves to Win in Hamilton District Five

Marie Hoch – Hamilton’s Independent Candidate Deserves to Win in Hamilton District Five

Marie Hoch

Marie Hoch is by far the best qualified candidate both academically and in experience. She is currently President of the Hamilton Field of Marin Association and in an unrivaled position to join the City Council fully aware of the Hamilton Field areas’ specific concerns. She is prepared to immediately move forward.

Hoch has quickly identified current issues of immediate interest to District 5 residents such as creating a flood control oversight committee for the district to develop plans for levee and pump replacement and sea level rise. Also, the decades-old Hamilton Base Reuse Plan needs updating as well as emergency planning, specifically for southern Novato that includes wildfire which needs to be done quickly.

Peele on the other hand seems to be more concerned with county level issues and creating “programs” that involve spending City money that doesn’t even exist thereby driving the need for additional tax increases on Novato’s residents.

Peele’s awareness of current major issues between Hamilton residents and City Hall

Amy Peele

is in fact very limited as her “local engagement” as she puts it was well in the past with organizations that affected her school age children at the time as most parents do.

In sharp contrast to Peele, Hoch is aware of current issues facing Hamilton Field Area residents today and what needs to be done to get them resolved favorably for District 5.

Peele is unabashedly a member of “Squad Arnold” that is dedicated to eradicating independent candidates in Novato’s district elections. The Squad includes County Supervisor Judy Arnold, the Marin County Democrat Party chair Paul Cohen, the Novato Chamber of Commerce, the trade unions and the Marin IJ. Peele admitted in a recent Marin IJ article she decided to run only after she was approached by county “leaders” who suggested she should run for council. Why do you think that was?

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Hamilton residents should regard with great suspicion any candidate who brings outside-of-Hamilton influence into local political considerations. Any candidate tied to Squad Arnold is doing just that.  Peele has historic ties to the John Burton political machine – not exactly an asset for independent thinking.

Peele’s campaign consultant is Marin County Democrat Party Chair Paul Cohen who she has already paid $2,100 in “consulting fees”. Out-of-district Squad Leader Judy Arnold has contributed the maximum of $400 to Peele’s campaign leaving no doubt of the tied relationship. Arnold doesn’t even live in District 5.

These connections illustrate how determined the Marin County Democrat Party machine is to assert its control and influence over local District elections by intimidating potential independent candidates with its massive campaign resources and effectively taking control away from the district’s residents.

Contrasting markedly is independent candidate Marie Hoch’s contribution of $5,000 of her own personal funds to her campaign. She believes in herself and the importance of in-district funding of district elections.

On the other hand, Peele has made no equivalent investment in herself. Then again, Arnold’s dedicated out-of-district donors make it unnecessary but also eliminates any façade of being independent. Peele is tied and bound primarily to Arnold’s and Paul Cohen’s County priority agenda, not that of District 5 residents.

The Squad’s intent is to convert district neighborhood elections into mini at-large elections where County level politicians continue to control who wins by providing massive out-of-district campaign funding donations and irrelevant pompous county level endorsements. For example, why else would the county level Marin Builders Association endorse a tied candidate such as Peele in a district neighborhood election?

Squad Arnold is dedicated to the elimination of independent representation in each of Novato’s five newly formed Districts. A District with an independent Councilmember is a “threat” to the present default majority block vote control enjoyed by Arnold over the current Council.

Squad Arnold has a “tied” candidate in each district race, i.e. Susan Wernick – District 1, Eric Lucan – District 3, and Amy Peele – District 5. These are her intended foot soldiers in the Districts.

The underhanded strategy being used to eliminate the importance of district elections is the Squad enters a single tied candidate in each race who has kissed the ring of the Marin Democrat Party Chair. Then, the Squad overwhelms any opposing candidates with immense amounts out-of-district campaign funds, union endorsements, massive signage, and numerous last minute repugnant slick hit-piece mailers full of innuendo and half-truths.

The long-term aim is to intimidate potential candidates who have not been “chosen” by the County Democrat political machine. If successful, neighborhood grass-roots democracy is eliminated and is replaced with County level back room insider control of local District elections and local governing policy. Corruption usually follows. Policy decisions are instead made “over coffee” at the Civic Center in San Rafael.

At stake is the County level politicians and their codependent special interest organizations ability to manipulate local politics and dictate local policies. In Novato there are two sitting Squad Arnold “tied” Councilmembers, Eric Lucan and Denise Athas. If two independent candidates win in November’s district elections, Squad Arnold’s current chokehold on City Council spending decisions on local infrastructure projects can be broken.

Independent Councilmember Pat Eklund combined with two newly elected neighborhood district independents would breathe life into Council discussion and decisions. Hamilton deserves its own independent voice on the Council. Marie Hoch is the best person to represent the Hamilton area neighborhood – not someone who is codependent on county level political connections such as Peele.

Be prepared for the glossy last-minute hit piece mailers financed by Peele’s and Arnold’s out-of-district backers. Typically, these are filled with half-truths and false innuendoes arriving just before election day when there is no time to respond with the true facts. Arnold has a well-documented history of using such slimy tactics. Do not be fooled by this deceitful trickery.

It is critically important that District 5 voters establish that District 5 is independent and reject County level control. Marie Hoch is the candidate to establish this position beyond a shadow of a doubt. District 5’s best choice is the experienced and independent Marie Hoch.

In the final analysis Marie Hoch is the best and most logical choice for Hamilton Field Area residents. She is an informed and aware advocate for the Hamilton Field Area and unrivaled in her ability to work together to achieve consensus. Unlike Peele, Marie Hoch is free of strings-attached commitments which definitely cannot be said for Peele.

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One Reply to “Marie Hoch – Hamilton’s Independent Candidate Deserves to Win in Hamilton District Five”

  1. Mr Turner, this is going to cost Marie Hoch votes because it makes it appear that she is going to work ONLY for HAMILTON. I live in Los Robles, will she ignore us….Marin Valley, ignore them. BMK, ignore them. You need to do some editing so that Marie does not lose votes. I know she will take care of the entire district because I know Marie, but this does not say that and it must be said. Marie, whom I have known for some years, will do the best she can for the entire district but you make it appear that only Hamilton exists. I am insulted by this.

    Eileen Plunkett

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