Novato City Council has gone dark

Novato has a new mayor, Josh Fryday. In Novato, City Council members alternate as mayor each year.

Mayor Fryday in his first term said it was critical for the city to have better transparency and engagement for the citizens. Novato has a long road to recover from divisive former city manager Michael Frank.

Mayor Fryday’s first act as mayor leading the City Council was to change the number of council meetings from four per month to two per month. Apparently, our city staff was “overworked” and had “low morale” having a meeting once a week.


This was despite City Manager Regan Candelario adding a second assistant city manager. Fryday has also limited each council member to three questions per agenda item.

The obvious impact of reducing the number of council meetings and questions is a reduction in transparency and engagement with and for citizens.

There has only been a City Council meeting on Jan. 9 and Jan. 23, and as of Feb. 1, the minutes are still not up for the Jan. 23 meeting.

So, what is actually going on in the city? Mayor Fryday is making sure you don’t know.


— Al Dugan, Novato

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