Support for Shroyer Surges as Arnold Desperately Becomes Defensive

It’s time for some “fact slinging”.


Incumbent Judy Arnold has been set back on her heels while attempting to defend her recent lackluster term in office as the District 5 Supervisor representing Novato. The notoriously thin-skinned Arnold has resorted to publicly calling her opponent a “liar” whenever she struggles to provide a believable explanation for her somnolent four years as the “asleep at the wheel Supervisor”. For Arnold it is now damage control time.


Her behavior is playground level at best. It also provides some insight into the mind of Supervisor Arnold who frequently uses “it’s a lie” as a disingenuous attempt to divert accountability from herself. Astonishingly, she accuses the tenaciously truthful Toni Shroyer of “mud-slinging”, something that is a repetitive building block of a typical Arnold re-election campaign.


The inquisitive, active challenger Shroyer now has the wind at her back while Arnold is desperately bailing out dirty water to keep her campaign from sinking further.


Particularly damaging to Arnold’s image is that as a Commissioner of the Marin Housing Authority living conditions at the affordable housing complex Golden Gate Village were allowed to deteriorate and become rat infested. Shroyer outed Arnold as a “sitting slumlord” on the Board of Commissioners whose responsibility is the proper maintenance of low income housing. Arnold had no defense for her poor performance.


By selling her vote while serving on the Board of Supervisors, early and often to special interests, they in turn have provided more than enough “tied” donations to her political campaigns that she has previously crushed opponents simply by outspending them. She buys votes using incessant expensive media campaigns attempting to drown out the voice of her opponent. Hardly the basis for a robust democracy.


With Shroyer’s candidacy, Arnold is in a jam. The automatic incumbent endorsement by the only county-wide newspaper, the Marin IJ, previously wrapped her in a cocoon of authenticity as the preferable representative for Novato – end of story. Mildly interested busy voters tend to go with the flow of Marin IJ preferred candidates, unaware of the political connections and paybacks going on behind closed doors. For the sake of all Novato residents, this has got to stop.


The Internet and social media have changed the political paradigm. The daily newspaper is still somewhat important but also rather sluggish compared with the instant visibility on the free and easily accessible Internet. The same analogy may be used for Arnold as a Supervisor. The much older Arnold at 78 years is sluggish when compared with the much younger and more active Shroyer. Shroyer represents the future. Arnold, the past.


See for yourself. Download the Excel file version, then thoroughly Google the backgrounds of those posing as “retired”, or employed by a government agency or non-profit who receives funding from the County, or is a developer, contractor, or other special interest that benefits by receiving County funding or pre-selection for self-serving and financially enriching project contracts. Indeed, it is almost amusing just how far donors will go to disguise their true identity. Why are they trying to hide?


Where donations come from is very telling. If there are a lot of out-of-district donations it easily translates into buying influence and favors. The amount of Arnold’s out-of-district donations is stunningly large.


Arnold’s current campaign for re-election for a fourth term began as her campaigns typically begin. First she accuses her opponent (whoever that is at the time) of “dirty tricks”. Then, she generously applies those same dirty tricks in her own campaign against her opponent. Arnold’s last campaign featured some hideous and cruel last-minute mailings and a repugnant video disparaging Shroyer and her family that went beyond the limits of common decency. Abundant glossy mailers and expensive framed billboard-like political posters cannot cover up this dark side of Arnold.


Arnold’s political and personal history is checkered with poor choices and arrogant behavior. Arnold attempts to dismiss her previous legal problems with the ludicrous exculpatory comment “all of those problems are in the past.” Perhaps, but the past also provides clues to the present and the future.


1992 – Arnold was involved in several civil, criminal and eviction cases “during the past two decades” according to Marin IJ reporter Bob Rogers who referenced the court cases during Arnold’s 2006 District 5 Supervisor campaign against Pat Eklund.


1993 – Arnold became known as the “shoplifting supervisor” for a criminal event at Longs Drugstore in Novato. The District Attorney filed a petty theft complaint against Arnold. After serving six months’ probation and attending a “self-awareness” class the charge was dismissed. The conviction is referenced by Marin IJ reporter Bob Rogers in the article cited above.


2010 – Arnold was involved in an incident of contemptous behavior at Novato’s 50th Birthday party at City Hall. When she and her husband attempted to enter through a back door, Arnold’s husband arrogantly threatened to have an event volunteer arrested for simply doing his job. This incident was reported by Marin IJ reporter Gary Klien February 1, 2010.


2014 – A last minute hit-piece video issued by an Arnold campaign supporter attacking Shroyer and her family with untruths and harmful statements about her children. Strong circumstantial evidence indicates potential involvement of Arnold’s son Gray Ainsworth in Burbank, California, who then worked for a company capable of making a video of this type (see below). The video’s footnotes use high-end professional media industry notations (see below). The IP address for the video is in Burbank.


There have been other troublesome incidents such as a 10:30 AM auto accident on 17 Apr 2017 where with Arnold behind the wheel of her BMW, she struck a parked Lexus inside the lot of Novato Toyota. She then left the scene of the accident and drove over to nearby Matt & Jeff’s Carwash in Novato. A quick look on Google Earth indicates something had to be seriously amiss to drive far enough off the road to hit a car parked inside a dealer’s lot and not on the street. No indication of mechanical failure in the accident report.


Time and a history of bad behavior has finally caught up with Arnold. There are too many flies around the County honeypot of cash that Arnold self-servingly dips into to reward her “paying” supporters.


Stop Arnold’s sale of Novato’s vote on the Board of Supervisors to the highest bidders.


Elect grassroots candidate Toni Shroyer who has the energy, drive, and personal integrity to represent the entire community of Novato – not the pay-to-play special interests with their self-serving agendas.


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4 - Novato City Hall Incident

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