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Novato Flood Control District Post Election Meeting Validates “No on Measure E” Arguments

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Novato Flood Control District Post Election Meeting Validates “No on Measure E” Arguments

I wanted to provide an update on the Novato Flood Control District (aka Flood Zone 1 or FZ1) Projects that were discussed heavily during the campaign and which were used to promote Measure E tax and alternatively to defend the anti-tax stance – the “NO on Measure E” arguments.

On Thursday November 16th, the first public meeting post-election was held, and I am supremely happy to report all good news.

  1. All damage to levees reported from last February’s storm has been repaired. – This was one of the points made by proponents of the tax that made up the $1.7 million dollars’ worth of storm damage.
  1. All pumps have been repaired and are fully functional and ready for the winter. – This was another of the point made by proponents of the ta that made up the $1/7 million dollars’ worth of storm damage.
  1. Insurance claims were submitted, and payments have already been received for the pump repairs.
  1. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management) applications have been made to pay for the pump and levee repairs. These FEMA grants are also intended to be used for pump station work. (separate from actual pump)
  1. The $1.45 million dollars in Grant money that the FZ1 Staff wanted to move from the failed Weir project to the Simmons Slough project back in March was approved. Staff confirmed that the flood zone 1 budget is now increased by that same amount, since the Simmons Slough work had originally been slated to come out of FZ1 budget funds. In other words, that $1.45 is “found money”.
  1. Staff reiterated that erodible levees performed well last year…”Worked as intended”.

A short discussion of the components and design of the erodible weirs followed after one board member asked for confirmation/clarification of the statement “worked as intended”. The topsoil portion of the weir is designed to “blow out” should pressure from water containment behind it, become too great, thus preventing the entire levee from failing.

Storm waters from 2017 never got high enough to cause such a blow out, and neither did the water levels concern Staff enough for them to help the process along by using backhoes to breach the top of the levees to alleviate water pressure into the Novato Creek section of the system.

  1. Staff has submitted additional grant applications to FERP (Flood Emergency Response Projects – CA State Department of Water Resources) and FEMA for additional miscellaneous project

    Click image to enlarge

    funding. Please read the full Staff report linked below for details.

  1. The highlight of the meeting was that Staff has submitted a grant application to the SFBRA (Measure AA funding authority) for $690,000 for the next phase of studies for the Novato Baylands Restoration Project to get it to 100% studied. What they call “Shovel Ready”. They are competing with other Sonoma County projects. However, it was the only Marin based project submitted.

The Senior Engineer reiterated that the project is a sought-after project. He used the following terms describing it: “Pioneering Project”, “Poster Child” and “Very Attractive” and they would know whether the funds would be approved in January.

The Senior Engineer said they anticipated ultimately going back for construction cost funds once the studies were complete. He also reiterated several times, that NO MATCHING FUNDS were required to win the grant!. I was struck by the number of times he repeated “no matching funds required” given how often we encountered it as an argument in favor of the Measure E tax.

  1. As far as Highway 37 is concerned – Staff is also working with TAM (Transportation Authority of Marin) to prepare a grant application to Caltrans for improvements to infrastructure to reduce flooding.

The grant actually comes from Caltrans, and if awarded, will allow the Novato Flood Control District to participate in studies and inform Caltrans on the “what’s and how’s” of the final improvements. The grant requires an additional money commitment of $48,000. TAM is committed to providing $24,000. The Board approved the other $24,000. All work would ultimately be the responsibility of and be completed by Caltrans.

Here is the full Staff report: http://www.marinwatersheds.org/documents/FCZ1_AB-Mtg_Staff-Report_111617_.pdf

But, it is important to note that attending FZ1 meetings in person provides additional context and color around live, verbal discussions and shows that the community is indeed involved and watching. I urge everyone to attend at least ONE meeting during the year so that you can put faces to names and ask questions.

This meeting validates the No on E vote in every way. Good job Novato!!


Personal Attacks and Disinformation Plague City Council Race

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Personal Attacks and Disinformation Plague City Council Race

Over the past four weeks, I have received multiple mailers and have seen numerous Facebook posts made up of personal attacks against incumbent Pat Eklund.  She is running for her 7th term on the Novato City Council.  I have also read Marin IJ Letters to the Editor using “private conversations” as a means of attempting to sway voters against reviewing the issues and the candidates.

This is an election with two incumbents whose records speak for them. The other is newcomer Kevin Morrison whose online posts, tweets and blogs speak loudly about his lack of experience.  In his mailers, he chose to distort an incumbent’s record in order to gain votes.

Looking at my ballot, I realized that city council isn’t a popularity contest.  It’s about having representation for different points of view.   Spending at the city, county, and regional level has become a key issue.  We need leaders that can distinguish spending that is based in “need” from spending that is based in “want.”

There are members of the Novato City Council that refuse to make unpopular financial decisions because they fear reprisal come election time.

For example, the decision to add a 3rd SMART station at the city’s expense went against recommendations by the interim city manager Cathy Capriola; Brian Cochran, the city’s respected finance director; and the city staff report. They concluded that the city could not afford it. Despite this, three members of the council voted to borrow and spend millions.

Typically, an election campaign gives voters a choice based on issues like this.  But a group, surprisingly made up of men who don’t live in Novato, are making it personal and mirroring Morrison’s negative campaign tactics.

Novato’s leaders have been slow to condemn this activity. In fact, members of Novato’s Chamber of Commerce and the Novato Economic Development Commission have chosen to support the repugnant tactics.  Even former Novato City Manager Michael Frank, a resident of Bolinas, has decided to interfere in Novato’ election.

During Frank’s six and a half year tenure as Novato City Manager, Frank’s management style created conflict that put residents in a combative relationship with the city, beginning with the Affordable Housing Element.

Frank’s comments on the Morrison campaign mailer about the incumbent hit a new low by using sexist language to describe her. It reeks of the good old boy network when you count the number of men attempting to destroy a candidate’s entire history of service to her community.  If it is effective, this tactic may become the new norm in Novato’s elections.

There should be room on a five-member council for strong women. Campaigning that does not address issues, that lacks context and that attempts to personally demean a candidate should not be tolerated.

The real issues in Novato’s election include balanced development on a local and regional level; the impact of state and local taxes on residents; and the preservation of quality of life in relation to the environment and community.

I am voting for Pat Eklund because she is an experienced, capable leader that seeks to make sure that all voices are represented in council decision-making. Her depth of experience serving on the council is unparalleled.

Pat supports balanced development. But, her votes cannot be bought by developers that would prefer a rubber stamp through existing zoning and environmental impact studies.

A mix of diverse viewpoints is essential to good government. We need more leaders committed to putting the issues of Novato first and for voters to send a message that negative campaigning will not be tolerated.

Why ONLY Pat Eklund Deserves Your Vote

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Why ONLY Pat Eklund Deserves Your Vote

The ever-popular Pat Eklund is popular for a very good reason. She consistently places Novato’s residents’ interests first. She is determined to bring good things to Novato in character with our town, while preserving all the things we like about Novato’s small-town character and quality of life. She is the only Councilmember possessing the depth of experience enabling her to stand up against regional and county level initiatives that would potentially negatively affect Novato’s small-town character and our quality of life. And, being “retired” she does this fulltime for all of us.


She has worked hard to assure that the conversion of the Hamilton military base to civilian use has met the goals of Novato residents and not solely the profit motives of the developers. She successfully worked within the development process resulting in the hugely successful Hamilton community we know today. Included in the Hamilton conversion process were hundreds of deed-restricted affordable housing units. She has consistently supported sustainable and neighborhood-compatible affordable housing development, but in accordance with Novato’s General Plan. http://novato.org/home/showdocument?id=5906


Pat also drove the establishment of Novato’s Urban Growth Boundary. She played a key role in the $11 million renovation and beautification of Grant Avenue. She supports the renovation of the Novato Theater. Pat was a prime mover on the Council decision to return City Offices to downtown thus re-establishing it as the center of the City. She is a very productive contributor to and protector of  the Novato community.


Eklund is for quality development that preserves the character of our Novato neighborhoods. She has pushed back against regional initiatives that drive development without local community control.


Pat is well known as one Councilmember who realizes that a balanced budget is essential to keeping Novato affordable for its existing residents at all income levels. She has resisted the tax-and-spend attitude of the existing majority bloc vote on the current Council that has been unable show fiscal restraint, and in the process making Novato a less affordable place to live.


She has consistently supported sensible development along the North Redwood Blvd Corridor emphasizing it should be walkable and bike friendly, encouraging residents to shop and enjoy new restaurants and entertainment venues.


There is no greener member of the City Council than Eklund. She has the benefit of decades experience designing and directing projects that protect and preserve critical habitat while working for the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Her practical environmental perspective is essential to accomplishing what can be done rather than wasting time pursuing what can’t be done.


As the most experienced Councilmember, Eklund elevates the level of Council debate by challenging Councilmembers’ assumptions that all necessary and relevant facts have been disclosed in proposals by a purpose-driven City Staff whose primary interest may lie with appeasing outside county and regional politicians’ ambitions rather than looking out for the interests of all Novato residents first.


Eklund is the only Councilmember who unflinchingly questions in public the potential ulterior motives behind seemingly innocuous projects proposed by outside Agencies. Her extensive experience and historical knowledge makes her a force to be reckoned with when she serves on regional commissions. Many times, she will fearlessly say what others are afraid to say. To Novato’s benefit, she is tough enough to handle those situations.


Pat Eklund’s independence of and freedom from the outside-of-Novato special interests pressure is legendary. She has by far the largest number of individual donors to her campaign who give what they can afford, in stark contrast to the much fewer, but very large donations of special interests given to other candidates currently in this race. Pat is beholden to no one but the citizens of Novato.
Pat Eklund is one of only two full time Councilmembers, the other being Councilmember Pam Drew. The quality and thoroughness of her work on the Council reflects this. Every City Council needs at least one member possessing the intestinal fortitude to stand up to would-be political intimidation. She is the “battler” for the “silent majority” of residents who expect their representatives to look out for their interests first, so they can focus on raising their children and walking safely on the City’s sidewalks.


Pat Eklund is the only Council candidate deserving of a vote. The other candidates (who by the way are busy working at their other fulltime jobs leaving much less time to work for you) are jointly bogged down in an extremely negative campaign funded by special interests residing outside the City of Novato. Only Eklund has shown poise and class by basing her campaign on her accomplishments and capabilities while looking forward to future changes that would make Novato better for all of us. This is yet one more reason to vote only for Pat Eklund.


Click here to make a donation to Pat Eklund’s Campaign


Why I’m going to vote only for Pat Eklund

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Why I’m going to vote only for Pat Eklund

The city council race is a sad day in Novato politics. First, Kevin Morrison a new candidate, has been nothing but a negative campaigner against Pat Eklund. He has also exaggerated his work experience as can be clearly seen comparing his on the record campaign statements in forums and his LinkedIn page with his actual work history. Every other day I receive another untruth and misleading negative campaign mailer from Kevin Morrison.


Also this election includes a Political Action Committee (PAC) for Denise Athas created by the Novato Chamber of Commerece that has raised $14,603 in special interests money an an obvious attempt to swing an election for a city council seat for Denise Athas. One contributor alone gave $10,000 to this Chamber PAC for Denise Athas. The contributor, PISF, Inc. can not be found on the California Secretary of State business search.


Business Search – Results The California Business Search is updated daily and reflects work processed through Monday, October 30, 2017.


Results of search for Corporation Name keyword “PISF, Inc.” returned 0 entity records (out of 0 records found).


I plan to only vote for Pat Eklund, who has a distinguished past history on the city council and was responsible for creating the first Urban Growth Boundary up for renewal in this election, the Hamilton conversion to housing from a military base as well as many other great things.

Click here to make a donation to Pat Eklund’s Campaign

Nasty Politics, Dirty Tricks, and Facebook in the Novato City Council Race

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Nasty Politics, Dirty Tricks, and Facebook in the Novato City Council Race

The political use of digital media in the Novato City Council has sunk to an all-time low. Lies, half-truths, and outright deceptions are presented on Facebook political pages as a twisted new norm. It is problematic for Facebook on the local and national level (Russia). By allowing anonymous clearly political “advertisement” pages, Facebook’s credibility index continues to decline.

The more astute observers saw this coming – it was just a matter of time. Now Facebook has a major problem on its hands. Anonymous so-called “advertising” pages relieve authors of any factual accountability. Hidden authors can post accusations as if they are unchallenged “facts” by quickly removing any countervailing postings. Deception breeds easily on Facebook. Fake news rules.

Other so-called informational Facebook pages obstruct posts of opposing opinion thus sanitizing their “information” while protecting their agenda from open public questioning. Most of the general public is completely unaware of these behind-the-scenes Facebook page “cleansing” activities and machinations.

Political dirty trick techniques are unfortunately being employed in the current Novato City Council race. It is very disappointing that these repugnant tactics are being used by political insiders and strategist whose current public image is (at the moment) squeaky clean. They have thrown their ethics under the bus because they can. The new ethically-devoid criterion is “if you can get away with it, do it”.

One example is a recent public disclosure by the 2015 Board President of the Novato Chamber of Commerce, Tim Howard.  Howard is the General Manager of the local Marriott Courtyard Hotel, a member of the Chamber of Commerce Tourism Committee and a member of the Novato Economic Development Commission. Mr. Howard resides in Petaluma – not Novato.

In a Marin IJ column published on October 5th, reporter Stephanie Weldy questioned Howard regarding his participation in an anonymous Facebook “advertisement” page “Take the NO out of Novato” that first appeared on August 30th and since then has served simply as a platform to relentlessly attack incumbent re-election candidate Pat Eklund. Its sole negative purpose has been to campaign against the popular (for a reason) and very experienced Eklund.

Howard acknowledged to the Marin Independent Journal that he was one of several people involved in establishing the page and declined to say who else was involved. He employed a San Francisco attorney to legally defend his questionable behavior. Howard is a political operative with strong ties to the Novato Chamber of Commerce and does not hide that fact.

The other incumbent Councilmember, who is also the present Mayor of Novato and up for re-election, Denise Athas, has declined to publicly condemn Howard’s and his co-conspirators unethical tactics. This is disappointing as most residents would consider such underhanded schemes appalling. Apparently, the Mayor of Novato thinks it is acceptable behavior.

Adding to the sordid political tactics is a lone newcomer to the race who himself has created several Facebook pages focused only on attacking Eklund, but never Athas. He has never been a President of the Novato Chamber of Commerce, but is a member. Unfortunately for him, his campaign is quickly unraveling as voters get to know him better.

The Chamber’s political strategy cabal has backed away from him since a photograph he posted online of himself posing nude has surfaced. He is a glib and slippery communicator proffering a continual smile while offering simplistic and naïve commentary as to how he would change the world (and Novato belatedly with it). He is about five decades too late. The world has moved on. End of relevance.

Putting the pieces together presents the political scenario that the Novato Chamber of Commerce political strategy team greatly fears Eklund’s cross-examination of proposed City actions that appear suspiciously close to Chamber-first self-serving proposals rather than serving the residents of Novato first, which is Eklund’s strong point. For several years now, the Chamber has enjoyed a controlling block of votes on the Council that slavishly supports its political objectives and policy initiatives.

But, fortunately for all Novato citizens, Councilmembers Eklund and Drew draw public attention to and question those Chamber-backed initiatives that are biased towards its members’ interests, e.g. the expensive downtown train station with no trains stopping there. Eklund and Drew are determined to have an opportunity for fact-based public discussion despite the rubber-stamping Chamber majority voting bloc currently in place on the City Council.

Eklund and Drew press on with limited inside support from a Novato City Staff that claims additional personnel would be required to answer the two Councilmembers’ requests for timely clarification and missing relevant information regarding upcoming Council meeting agenda items. If this is hard to believe, just ask Drew and Eklund. The Staff’s lack of full, timely responses to these Councilmembers’ requests limits the Councilmembers’ ability to function efficiently and effectively for Novato residents.

Frequently, a Staff response is incomplete and/or past due, i.e. unresponsive. Effectively, Councilmembers Drew and Eklund are forced to contend with an adversarial City Staff attitude as well as the Chamber of Commerce’s pre-determined voting bloc – Athas, Lucan, Fryday. Novato residents lose when critical pertinent information is restricted in this way.

It is time for Novato’s voters to rise above the current sewer of political dirty tricks and vote only for Eklund and send a message to Athas that anonymous political hit pieces should be condemned. Eklund is the only candidate with clean hands and who looks after the interests of all Novato residents.


Click here to make a donation to Pat Eklund’s Campaign


Novato Marriott Courtyard Hotel General Manager Admits Establishing Social Media Political Hit Piece on Facebook

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Novato Marriott Courtyard Hotel General Manager Admits Establishing Social Media Political Hit Piece on Facebook

In a recent column by Marin IJ Reporter Stephanie Weldy, the Novato Marriott Courtyard Hotel General Manager, Tim Howard, admitted he was personally involved in establishing a social media hit piece on Facebook whose sole purpose is to incessantly attack senior Novato City Councilmember and current candidate for re-election Pat Eklund.

Howard is not a resident of Novato. And, this has now become a problem for Marriott as well in that one of its General Managers has become a controversial and very public outsider participant in a local political campaign. Marriott deliberately and publicly maintains a non-political local presence serving the whole community, but its General Manager, keep in mind, does not reside in Novato yet has deliberately initiated an extraordinarily negative social media hit piece via a very one-sided vicious Facebook page driving division within the community. Marriott is quickly developing an image problem here locally.

Public corporations zealously guard their reputations in communities, especially when they rely on all segments of that community for indirect financial support, local promotion, and maintenance of nearby roads and police services benefitting that business. When a non-resident Marriott employee publicly makes a very partisan attempt to become an influential and prominent player within a Marriott hotel’s local political arena, alarm bells go off in its corporate public relations office.

As a private citizen, that employee has every right to participate in political campaigns. However, when that employee publicly leverages her/his position within the Marriott corporation as a pulpit for public comment or as a platform for public comment, the Marriott corporation is ineluctably and publicly linked to that individual’s actions and commentary – something considered extraordinarily risky for the reputation of a service business such as a hotel.

More problematic for Marriott is Mr. Howard’s suspicious public refusal to reveal the identities of the other participants involved in the establishment of the nefarious media hit piece. A logical conclusion is the other co-conspirators have something to hide, or feel they would suffer public condemnation if their identities were known thus revealing their media hit piece as a political “dirty trick”, i.e. an “underhanded unethical political activity or action designed to discredit an opponent.”

The Novato Chamber of Commerce is inescapably tied to this sordid political mess as Mr. Howard is a recent past President of the Chamber as is Denise Athas, another past President of the Chamber who is running for re-election. The voting records and patterns of Chamber-endorsed members of the Novato City Council confirm the Chamber’s continual self-serving involvement and dominating influence on City policy and Council decisions as well as the Council’s conformance to the Chamber’s economic agendas.

Marriott would do well to figure out how to extract itself from direct association with a contentious local political smear campaign. Mr. Howard may be a good person, but because of a serious error in judgement on his part his Marriott employer is linked with his destructive deceitful political activity. This does not make Marriott look good.

Smear tactics are an ugly side of overly aggressive snarky political campaigns. The hit piece media page established in part by Mr Howard and his unidentified accomplices is unceasingly being used to dishonestly hurt the reputation of a dedicated, experienced, and very capable public official.

Novato and Marriott should not tolerate such unclean political behavior, particularly by an employee who continually refers to his position at Marriott when making comments for public consumption.



Taxpayer Revolt Moves Forward

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Taxpayer Revolt Moves Forward

CO$T (Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers) is a new taxpayer advocate group in Marin County. It grew out of County residents increasing frustration with the never-ending incremental increases in parcel taxes and fees. Its position is it is not against all tax increases, but most proposed increases are a reflection of poor quality planning and governance.

The ever-increasing level of taxation in Marin has financially stressed Marin’s middle-class residents to a point where relocating is increasingly a sensible option. CO$T’s aim is to put the brakes on local and regional agencies that continue to perceive residents as an ATM machine to fund “would be nice to have” projects instead of infrastructure upgrades that maintain the quality of life such as local and County roads.

As part of CO$T’s efforts to educate and make taxpayers aware of what is coming in proposed regional and local taxes, CO$T presents periodicTaxpayer Forums where experts describe and explain what may happen and the consequences of direct and indirect proposed tax increases.

As part of this on-gong effort CO$T is conducting its next Taxpayer Forum on Thursday October 19th at the Corte Madera Community Center. There is no charge but a donation would be appreciated.

The featured speaker is Jon Coupal, President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, who is eminently qualified to provide residents with grassroots perspective on current governmental agency and legislative strategies to extract increased taxes from the Marin community.

Of particular interest to homeowners is the current State Legislature’s assault on Proposition 13 that limits annual property tax increases. The current government strategy is to fund operating and maintenance expenses through carefully stage-managed increases in property taxes, use taxes and inflated administrative fees. The repeal of Prop 13 is the “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow for ambitious “tax and spend” politicians.

Parking for the event is easy and free.


Election Positions; Sensible Tax Principles; October 19 CO$T Taxpayer Forum

We’ve been very busy at CO$T.  It’s election season in some Marin districts.  And we’re also gearing up for our big fall CO$T Taxpayer Forum public meeting on October 19.  Please see reminder and full deltails below.

On the election front, CO$T has taken the following positions (click on links for details):

We’ve also laid down some markers, “CO$T’s Sensible Tax Principles“, to guide taxpayers and our public officials as they consider new taxes and fees.  We’re optimistic this will have a positive effect.

You can make a difference by being educated, informed, and VISIBLE.  Your participation sends a message. We hope you will join us on October 19, at CO$T’s Taxpayer Forum with Jon Coupal.  Read on, and sign up!

CO$T Forum on TAXES – October 19
Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers’ (CO$T) Public Event 

Guest Speaker: Jon Coupal
President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
California’s Preeminent Taxpayer Rights Advocate

Tax Tsunami Sparking A New CA Taxpayer Revolt?

WHAT:  Thursday October 19, CO$T presents a special opportunity to hear Jon Coupal, President of Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

WHY:  As the 40th anniversary of Howard Jarvis’ Proposition 13 approaches, another taxpayer revolt is brewing. A tsunami of recently-enacted tax-hiking CA bills and a game-changing court decision are about to drive your taxes and fees even higher.  Jon Coupal is in the thick of all this, spearheading taxpayer rights efforts and legal challenges. Find out what happens next… and what you can do.

WHERE:  Corte Madera Community Center, 498 Tamalpais Drive, Corte Madera

WHEN:  Thursday, October 19, 2017
* 6:30 pm – Doors Open *
* 7:00 pm Meeting Starts *
* 8:30 pm Adjourn*

  * Same day registrants: Please sign in by 6:40PM *

DONATION:   Suggested donation: $15. Give what you can afford.  No one turned away.

PRE-REGISTER HERE  Skip the registration line at this popular event!
Early registrants entered in raffle prize drawing.



Pat Eklund is the only person I am voting for Novato City Council

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Pat Eklund is the only person I am voting for Novato City Council

Pat Eklund, an incumbent candidate, is the only person I am voting for for Novato City Council. She is one of the original City Council members that instituted the Urban Growth Boundary in Novato in 1997, a feature that makes Novato so unique and beautiful.

Pat has again made sure the Urban Growth Boundary was put up for vote as the 20-year limit was expiring.

Another critical reason I am voting for Pat Eklund is she always studies and reads the staff reports and asks critical questions to assure the decisions are in the best interests of Novato citizens. This is immensely important in this time of encroaching regional agencies on Marin cities.

I worked with Pat Eklund and others to reduce the Novato housing density to 20 units per acre, before Assemblyman Marc Levine’s state bill, as well as assure Novato recently received a fair housing allocation from the Association of Bay Area Governments.

Finally, Pat Eklund is fully competent in city financial issues and is fiscally sound, a voice of reason on the current City Council. As a financial and analytical professional I have worked on city financial issues with Pat and have been very impressed with her knowledge. The city of Novato critically needs Pat Eklund now to assure future financially sound budgets in the future years.

I will only be voting for Pat Eklund for City Council.

— Al Dugan, Novato

Pat Eklund is endorsed by the Marin IJ  as of October 9, 2017

Measure E Support Erodes with Novato’s Voters

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Measure E Support Erodes with Novato’s Voters

Support for Measure E has significantly decreased with voters who are becoming aware that it is essentially a duplicate of Measure AA passed last year. Novato is being asked to pay twice for the same project according to the ballot language – see below.

Click image to enlarge add Ctrl +++


This public comparison has forced Measure E proponents into “what we really mean” mode thereby damaging their credibility even further. Such “explanations” and interpretations historically have been used to justify diversion of funds taxpayers thought were going to one purpose but intended to be spent on another. It’s the time tested “bait and switch” political game.

There is no flood control crisis in Novato. The Novato Flood Control District’s own reports confirm this is a manufactured “crisis”. The District is proposing to tear down levees that successfully met the challenge of last January’s record rainfall. There is no inability-to-control-flooding issue. However, the District is using flood control imagery to drive unnecessary taxation of Novato residents to fund regional level projects.

The applicable criteria for action should be necessary improvement. That criteria is especially critical when it involves “other peoples’ money” such as taxpayers being hit yet again with another increase in parcel taxes on already economically stretched homeowners and renters. Yes, renters will pay the parcel tax when landlords raise monthly rents to reflect the increased tax burden.

Additionally, the “low income exemption” for seniors is not what it appears to be. It is very likely, if not probable, that a voter will be classified as low income but will still be required to pay the tax.

The ballot language does not define “low income”, which the County Staff has reserved the right to define and recommend to the County Board of Supervisors after the election. In Marin there are three Federal categories of “low income”. Common sense dictates that if the purpose of Measure E is to maximize the raising of tax funds, the necessary consequence is to restrict exemptions to the very minimum. This means only the lowest category of “low income” residents will be eligible for the exemption.

Incredibly, Measure E’s proponents would have Novato voters believe that If Novatoans don’t tax themselves the city will suffer significant flooding. Not true according to the District’s own staff reports.

Yes, Measure AA funds are already defined and scheduled to be used to address future flooding issues as listed below.

Click image to enlarge add Ctrl +++

The San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority has made it very clear with its Examples of Projects List that it will be involved in the design and funding of flood control as well as habitat restorations projects in the North Bay, including Marin. If Novato enacts Measure E funding, the Authority will likely take funds currently designated for Novato and transfer them to another area. We’ve seen this before.

The Novato Flood Control District is desperately attempting to “spin” Measure E as being for projects not part of the SF Bay Restoration Authority’s agenda. However, the Authority’s portfolio of responsibility and sphere of influence includes projects “…along its shoreline, and associated flood management and public access infrastructure” and any adjacent projects that potentially impact shoreline projects. This includes the Novato Flood Control District.

Measure AA already has funding allocated for projects to improve Hwy 37 and restoration of natural habitat for Novato wetlands. Double taxation is not fair to Novato property owners or to renters.

There are valid reasons why support for Measure continues to erode. Very disturbing are the unnecessary destruction of existing levees for flood control, the duplication of projects that the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority has in place, and recent proponents’ self-serving interpretations and explanations of what the ballot language “actually means” alone justify voting NO.

Only 20% of any Measure E funds would go to reducing ”…community and roadway flooding in the City of Novato” according to the County’s own fact sheet in support of Measure E. This fact alone creates reasonable and serious doubt as to whether Novato would get what it paid for in new Measure E taxes.

Novato must vote NO on Measure E. Novato has already done what is reasonable by supporting the passage of Measure AA in 2016 for flood control and habitat restoration projects. Enough is enough.



For additional information go to the No on Measure E website: www.nonovatoflood.org

We print information
other media chooses to ignore.
Please support our efforts.

How to Fool Novato’s Voters into Paying for Flood Control Twice

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How to Fool Novato’s Voters into Paying for Flood Control Twice

In June 2016 Novato voters approved a special parcel tax called Measure AA. According to the official Ballot Measure Summary it is for “…restoring habitat for fish, birds and wildlife, protecting communities from floods….” The program is being administered by a regional agency, the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority (the “Authority”).

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You would think that a regional measure passed in June 2016 would be allowed sufficient time to develop a regional plan for Bay Area flood control and habitat restoration. Incredibly, the Marin County Flood Control District has carefully crafted another plan to once again tax voters in the Novato Flood Control District (AKA Zone 1) to do the same thing that the recently passed Measure AA is programmed to do.

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A very suspect series of events transpired after December 2016. According to a Staff Report on the Flood Control Zone 1 Advisory Board meeting of Dec 2016,­­­­ all District standard pump maintenance had been completed, all scheduled sediment removal completed, all 11 creeks within the Novato Flood control zone were inspected and found to have been properly maintained, etc. The Staff noted no problems were anticipated during the coming rainy season. In short, everything was in good working order.

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A month later, in January 2017, the Novato watershed received twice as much rainfall as in January 2016, at 13 inches versus 6 inches. Highway 37 flooded twice causing inconvenience by those using the road and also by residents concerned with detoured traffic congestion in Novato neighborhoods and downtown.

Overall, it was determined that Novato’s Zone 1 flood plain drainage system functioned satisfactorily under the higher rainfall circumstances. Somehow this was conveniently overlooked. What didn’t work were the Caltrans levees. It turned out the Hwy 37 flooding problem was caused by inadequate Caltrans levees that were overtopped.

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Apparently, Novato’s Flood Control District Advisory Board (Advisory Board) recognized an opportunity to leverage the frustration caused by the Hwy 37 flooding and is now using it to push for approval of another tax for optional future projects. Pumps that were in good shape in December 2016 now “need” to have major repairs or be “replaced” despite the fact they performed well during the January 2017 record rainfall. Replacing a motor is understandable. Completely replacing a pump that was in good working order after 30 days of use is very questionable.

By August 2017, the Marin County Flood Control District had applied to FEMA for $1.7 million for levee and pump repairs attributed to “storm damage”.

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The Advisory Board, against the advice of their hired gun political strategy consultants, Godbe Research, requested the County Board of Supervisors quickly place a tax measure on the November 2017 ballot. Meanwhile, the California State government was and is being heavily criticized for a new burdensome 20 cents per gallon tax increase starting soon and a new yearly “transportation fee” that will cost an additional $100 if your car is worth $25,000, and more if your car is valued higher. Both “transportation” taxes will be adjusted upward annually to reflect inflation. Proposed new taxes in the State tax pipeline are becoming increasingly suspect and unpopular.

Nevertheless, the Flood Control District, despite last year’s voter approval of regional tax Measure AA for flood control and habitat restoration, decided to go for yet another tax before the public wised up and rebelled against the plethora of imminent new taxes being proposed by many levels of government and regional agencies.

The tried and true strategy of fear mongering (we are going to be flooded so we need the money now), impending submersion (by sea level rise due to climate change), and self-serving purpose-driven publications for public consumption were initiated in March 2017. Their campaign is being augmented by a vaguely worded “fact sheet” funded with your taxpayer money. Whether the circumstances are true, not true, or partially true apparently is not important to them. But, do whatever it takes to get the tax passed before voters wake up is.

A “false narrative” has been created by the Novato Flood Control District to drive quick passage of Measure E. Voters are in danger of being misled. We don’t need the unnecessary taxation proposed by Measure E. The Flood Control District Advisory Board has already applied to FEMA for levee and pump repair funding (see the list above), a fact receiving minimal disclosure to voters.

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Ironically, Measure E’s wetlands are property of the County and not Novato. The San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority using Measure AA funds has already targeted the wetlands under discussion for restoration, and Hwy 37 for upgrading to protect against flooding and sea level rise. Novato taxpayers have already designated their hard-earned money for these repairs by passing Measure AA.

Novato voters should be very careful not “jump the gun” before FEMA and Measure AA funds are awarded. If Novato pre-emptively pays for repairs and projects by passing Measure E, then FEMA and Measure AA funds may dry up leaving Novato residents to foot the entire bill. If this new tax becomes necessary, then a vote for additional funding can be taken after alternate sources of funds such as FEMA have been exhaustively pursued. There is no immediate crisis here.

It’s time to stop the misleading “information” and corralling of voters into paying for redundant “new projects”. The sea level is not rising so quickly that we haven’t time for prudent review of spending. Stop the fear mongering and start the discussion. Don’t be misled and taxed unnecessarily. Vote no on Measure E.


For additional information go to the No on Measure E website: www.nonovatoflood.org

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