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How did this get built? – Maybe?

Think of Wincup on wheels. The next boondoggle that is proposed to be built is the new proposed Bus Project for Redwood Blvd in Novato. Just as with Wincup in Corte Madera, this bus projecthttp://i.istockimg.com/file_thumbview_approve/42383696/3/stock-illustration-42383696-scared-bus-driver.jpg has been staff driven. Staff canceling public meetings, key issues left out of largely phony public surveys by staff and only a single flawed design offered to the Design Review Commission, have allowed for this unnecessary and deeply flawed project to be driven forward. Over 100 professional bus drivers signed a petition declaring the center platform design unsafe. Did that deter Marin Transit the sponsors of this misguided project? No, of course it didn’t. Does this sound familiar?

Wait until the citizens of Novato, who never got a chance to see it, find the redwood trees cut down, the car turning lanes on Grant and De Long 100′ shorter, and the buses in the center median weaving and running in the opposite direction as the cars on Redwood. Lastly, don’t forget the new mid-block red lights on both sides of Redwood between Grand and De Long operated by bus drivers and pedestrians.

You may ask where else has this design been used…Nowhere.

I suspect that when other citizens become aware of what is transpiring, they will become incensed at the sheer audacity of the project, and the hubris involved in going forward despite informed citizens protestations.

There is some good news. If Jeanne MacLeamy and Eric Lucan are not re-elected to the Novato city council this November this upcoming project may be stopped.

Vote for Pam Drew and Steve Jordan for city council, they can work with Pat Eklund, who voted against it, to stop this ill-fated experiment in transit at the expense of Novato before they break ground in 2016.

Author: Joe Black - Novato

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  1. IMHO, With the Election’s Just Around the Corner, Less Than 2-Months From Now…..the Vote By the City Council for this “New Bus Depot Project…SHOULD Have Been Postpone Until AFTER the Election’s, Plain and Simple!!!…..

  2. Thank you Bob for lifting the curtain on this hopeless flawed boondoggle. Just imagine the visually impaired, young children and the elderly trying to use this facility. In a mere 76′ there are two lanes of north bound cars next to two lanes of south bound buses. In the middle, a center platform. Then two lanes of buses going north bound next to two lanes of buses going south bound.

    All of this purposefully hidden from the majority of the citizens of Novato.

    This is after the attempt to extend the 5 year emergency measure F Funds, which failed.

    It is time to clean house. Vote out McLeamy and Lucan. I will be voting for Pam Drew and Steve Jordan that oppose this unsafe bus project design and will be fiscally responsible.

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