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How to Post an Article

How do I initiate and post a new “Article” as an author?

How do I initiate and post a new “Article” as an author?

Site classification as an Author enables you to post an article

Contact the site administration at info@novato.exposed to make the request. First you must be a member of the site.

How do I initiate and post a new “Article” as an author?

How do I initiate and post a new “Article” as an author when classified as having Author site membership status.?

To post a new Article • Go to “My Account,” Select “My Posts” on the left column • Select and click on the “Add New Posts” button.

• Note: The “I” (information blue bar) states the maximum number of allowed posts and the number of posts already made. This number is easily changed by the Site Administration. This maximum applies to everyone

• This “maximum” number will be increased by the Site Administration to keep pace with the posting activity level.

• This will be discontinued when a “time stamping” function for postings is finished being coded.

• A window appears with “Title – Category-Post Photos- Description- Tags” fields

“Title” – Fill in your Article’s title

“Category” – Open the drop down menu

• Select “Featured” for the new Article which places it on the home page • Select “Opinion” if you do not want your Article “Featured”

“Post Photos” – Use the “Post Photos” window to add an image(s) for your article

To Use the “Select Files” option to post photos

• Click on “Select Files” which connects you to your computer files

• Double click on the desired image (size limit is 2 MB, JPG or PNG files ONLY)

• Click on “Upload file”

• Note: A copy of the image is moved. The original remains in place. (size limit is 2 MB)

• Using the “Drop Files…” method your web site window and a separate file folder window on your computer must be open for the “drag and drop” of the image file to be successfully executed.

• “Description” – Fill in your Article’s content (750 word limit)

• Note: You can copy and paste content using MS Word The MS Word formatting tools may be easier than those on the Description Visual Tool bar

• There is an upper Tool Bar in the Description window

• “Text” bar is used only by coders

• “Visual” bar functions similarly to MS Word

• “ABC” is used for strikethroughs – typically not used

• Block quotes are used to place a block of text within quotations

• The paper clip icon is used to insert http: address inks into text

• The icon to the right of that deletes those address links

• The expansion X to the right expands the text to fill the screen

• The remainder of the icons function similarly to those in MS Word

• Submission of Post

• Once completion of Title, Category, Photos and Descriptions click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page.


• Go to the top of the page where you will see a confirmation that your article has been submitted.

• Typically by returning to the homepage you can view your posted article.

• If this is not successful please contact the website Admin – Info@novato.exposed