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Novato K9 Unit

Novato Police Department’s Canine Teams

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Novato Police Department’s Canine Teams

Novato Police Department’s Canine Teams were focused on training today. Our dogs mean business, but they are also cute and cuddly–just like yours!

The Profits of Homeward Bound’s “Homeward Bone” K9 Cookies

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The Profits of Homeward Bound’s “Homeward Bone” K9 Cookies

Article by Toni Shroyer

Executive Director of Homeward Bound, Paul Fordham, presented a check on April 2, 2015 to Chief Jim Berg for $381.00 from the profits of Homeward Bound’s “Homeward Bone” K9 Cookies. The profits of these dog cookies are split 50/50 between Homeward Bound and the NPD K9 Unit. “It’s a win-win,” Fordham stated, “We rely on and support our local Police.” The more K9 cookies sold, the more Homeward Bound and the K9 Unit benefit. “It is a symbiotic relationship,” Chief Berg said.  The newest K9, Koa (means Warrior, Bravery in Hawaiian) needs approximately $3500.00 more for training.  The NPD K9 Unit appreciates donations of any size—yes, even pennies.  Please send checks and cash to:

Novato K9 Unit
Attn: Chief Berg
909  Machin Ave
Novato Ca 94947

Eye on the City Council – Koa, Novato’s New Police Dog is Onboard.

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The ceremonial presentations of Citizen of the Year, Small and Large Businesses of the Year and the revealing of the identity of the heretofore anonymous donor of funds for Koa, Novato’s new police dog, are perhaps better viewed than described.  Go to http://www.cityofnovato.org/Index.aspx?page=772, find the video of 2-10-15, and move the circle in the slider bar to 24 minutes 15 seconds to see the very amusing swearing in of Koa with his partner Officer Sean Sennett. Sheri Hartz originated and conducted this part of the ceremony. To see the other presentations, start at the beginning of the video.

The second short council meeting in a row was half ceremony and half business with very little discussion and no dissenting votes. It finished in just over one hour.

Citizen of the Year is long-time resident Kathy Nickel, honored for her extensive work with PTA, Novato public school principal selection and curriculum committees, the Chamber of Commerce Art and Wine Festival, and the 4th of July Parade, to name only a few. Ms. Nickel is known for her communications skills, energy, and unflagging service to the community.

The Small Business of the Year is Pacheco Ranch Winery.  The land for the winery has been in the family since 1840 and the present winery is run by descendants of Ignacio Pacheo.  No herbicides are used in the production of the grapes for the cabernet sauvignon.  The winery is known for hospitality and generosity toward those in need in addition to the great wine produced. The family has donated land to Indian Valley Campus and for open space and supports various philanthropic causes. Herb and Debbie Rowland accepted the award.

The Large Business of the Year is Blake’s Auto Body with its four locations in Novato, San Rafael, Rohnert Park, and Santa Rosa. Blake’s has been in business about 35 years. Blake’s employs about 100 workers, has won 11 Best of Marin Hall of Fames awards, and has supported many nonprofits by giving away  countless $250 vehicle detailing jobs. Blake’s CEO accepted the award on behalf of Blake Andros, the owner.

The donor of Koa, Novato’s new police dog is Larry Howard who dedicated the $10,000 gift as an honor to his son, Ed Howard, for Ed’s 20 years of service as a narcotics officer in Hawaii.  Larry said that the donation of the money for Koa was on his bucket list and that he was very content to finish his remaining years in Novato. Koa also seemed happy to be here.

Rick Beach spoke during public comment.  He again offered his service on the Aviation Committee.  The recent snag because his appointment created too many in the active aviators category on the committee may be remedied with one of the aviators choosing to step down, allowing Rick’s appointment.  He offered to give the Council a tour of Gnoss Field and pointed out that the airport employs about 25 people.

The consent calendar items 1, 2, 4, and 5 were passed with the Operating and Capital Budgets Amendment (item 3) to be on a subsequent agenda.  Items 6 and 7 were passed 4-0, since Eric Lucan resigned at the end of 2014 from the Successor Agency to the former Redevelopment Agency due to a recent interest in real property in the former redevelopment area and therefore did not vote.

General Business Item 8 passed amending ground leases between the City of Novato and Hamilton Continuum Partners I and II, L.P.’s to remove the 24-month limitation on occupancy. Pat Eklund made clear that she was pleased that her suggestion  was adopted. She had asked for the addition of a clause in the amendment which would undo the change, should the state or federal government again require transitional housing for the homeless.

Eric Lucan reported attending the North Bay Watershed meeting where potable reuse and rainwater harvesting were the topics.


Pat Eklund reminded council members that the deadline for additions and revisions to the draft list of principles and needs developed by ABAG Delegates Ad Hoc Committee which Eklund chairs is due February 24th.